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We're dedicated to bringing out the success in you with a smart - forever classic style.

It all started with shoes and handbags.  Jennifer Nicole has had a love for fashion since she was young, always having a particular weakness for shoes and purses.  Her love for fashion sparked a passion for the business and decided early on that she not only wanted to wear the designer clothing and accessories she had lusted after her entire life, but create those must-have worthy products for everyone around her. Jennifer's creativity, determination and knack for both business and designing caused a small dream to start making it's way into a reality.


At the age of 24, Jennifer Nicole and her partner decided "Why wait to start living a life-long passion?" and with a strong, creative vision in mind, Jennifer Nicole Collection was created. We want to share our love of handbags with you, giving you carefully crafted, high quality accessories. We knew from the start that we wanted to produce a luxury product, making sure that the quality of each and every bag was held to our high standards. Every bag in our collection is designed by Jennifer herself, giving her creative spark to all of her products.  After all Jennifer did spend enough of her life around designer handbags to spot a great bag a mile away.  We promise to fulfill your every need for fashionable, luxury, smart bags, giving you a new go-to favorite accessory that is sure to have heads turning your direction.

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