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What I Wore: Disney Edition

{Sandals: Seychelles, Shorts: Joe's, Top: J-Crew}

The countdown is on as I will be in Disney again this November for my sister's Bachelorette party! Needless to say, Disney is pretty much completely on the brain these days so I thought I would go through some of my outfits and my favorite things to wear when I'm park running all day in prep for my upcoming trip. I picked a few from my trip a few years ago from my 21st birthday extravaganza with my sister, best friend and Fiancé! We celebrated by going around the world in Epcot at the World Showcase and thats exactly what we're doing to celebrate my sister's bachelorette party so I thought it was a great trip to look back on!

{Top:Michael Kors, Sweatshirt:Disney's Animal Kingdom, Shorts:Joe's, Shoes(Un-pictured):Rainbows}

{Top:Madewell, Jeans: Joe's, Shoes: Rainbows, Sunglasses:Rayban}

{Top:J-Crew, Shorts:Joe's, Shoes:Rainbows}

As you can tell, I keep it pretty simple when I'm running Disney! Rainbows are my go to flip flops because of their arch support and they are super comfortable when on your feet all day. I also usually love a great - comfortable pair of shorts (of jeans when it's colder) that I can mix and match with multiple outfits and joe's has pretty much been my go-to for all denim for that last 8 years. They just seem to fit me the best and are so comfortable especially when I'm practically sprinting multiple miles everyday around a theme park. It you can't tell, there's definitely a theme to my outfit choices.. COMFORT! So all of my tops follow pretty much the same rule, I love a cute tank top or soft T, but I always shy away from super structured or silky tops mainly because they don't move with my body as well and they irritate me when I'm just trying to relax and have some fun.

Let me know what your favorite park outfits are and what you love to throw on for casual fun arounds like mine! I definitely could use to inspiration for my upcoming trip! See you next week!

-Jennifer Nicole

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