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Jennifer Nicole - Our Story



With more companies moving their production to China, compromising quality along the way, Jennifer Nicole Collection was created with a goal of providing luxury and quality leather handbags to their customers. Designer and Co-Founder Jennifer Lehmkuhl started creating her brand with form and function in mind, shying away from the latest trends to focus on designs that create a classic look with unbeatable quality. The entire collection of handbags are hand made from start to finish in Tuscany, Italy, bringing back the luxury of Italian craftsmanship by our manufacturer who has supplied to several of the top 30 luxury brands.


From a young age, Jennifer always had an eye for designer fashion and a creative outlook on the world.  After growing up with a love for fashion and a spark of passion for the business, she created a high quality, functional and classically designed collection that stood out amongst the crowd.  Jennifer created a line of handbags with the same luxury quality as long established high end brands before her but for a fraction of the cost, or as we like to call it, affordable luxury.  J Nicole sets the pace for classic pieces that are suited for any woman’s lifestyle for years to come. Jennifer not only wanted to create a line of handbags but a brand with a message behind it.  Jennifer knew from the start that she wanted to produce a luxury product, making sure that the quality of each and every bag was held to her high standards with looks that exemplify effortless elegance.  Keeping her brand close to her heart, each piece is named after those near and dear to her.  With her debut ‘Bug’ bag named after her childhood nickname, to her ‘Suki’ collection, named after her beloved shih tzu, she is always adding her personal touch to every bag she shares with the world.

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