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Tuscany, Italy - Manufaturing Location for Jennifer Nicole Colletion



A relentless pursuit of perfection. A mantra we live by here at Jennifer Nicole Collection in every aspect of our company. At J Nicole by Jennifer Nicole Collection, all of our leather good products are hand made from start to finish in Tuscany, Italy.  From the beginning, uncompromising quality has always been a top priority for us and we ensure that all of our J Nicole products are carefully crafted.  We want to bring to our consumers a sustainable product, focusing on providing long lasting bags. Made in Italy, made to last, is a new part of our green initiative.  As part of J Nicole's new campaign this year, we wanted to focus our attention on what makes our brand well.... us! So with that, we are bringing you the promise of affordable luxury.  When you purchase one of our J Nicole bags (or any of our products!) you can be assured that each product was made by hand with careful attention to detail, giving you a quality bag that fits right in with other top Italian made bags.  We've worked diligently with our manufacturer to bring you affordable luxury pieces that will last for a lifetime, with uncompromising quality.

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J Nicole product manufacturing in Tuscany, Italy
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