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The Girl Behind the Bags

Welcome to the newest addition to the Jennifer Nicole site, our blog! My favorite part of Jennifer Nicole Collection is getting to share my designs with all of you and really share what I love to do, but now I want everyone to get to know me as well. Adding a blog to my store site means I get to connect with everyone on a whole new level, sharing my lifestyle. I wanted a place that not only lets you see behind the curtain on Jennifer Nicole Collection, but to Jennifer Nicole herself. I plan on sharing my fashion inspirations (Yes! That will also include how I wear my Bug bag!), my love of make-up and all things girly, things I'm currently obsessing over, everything that makes me the person that I am. Be ready for new posts every Thursday, my personal favorite day of the week (Thank you T.G.I.T!) where you can see what I'm up to. To start off our first blog post, I thought I'd answer 10 fun fact questions for everyone! So here's goes nothing:

  1. Name? ~ Jennifer Nicole Cullen. Bonus points if you can guess where I got the idea for our company name!

  2. Any pets? ~ I have 2 crazy little pups, Suki, my 3 year old shih tzu, and Mako, my 1 year old Mini Husky.

  3. Personal Interests? ~ Sketching and designing, part of why I started JNC was because I love designing, handbags in particular and wanted to share that with the world. I also love shopping, clothing in general, and is Netflix finally considered a hobby? I'm going to say yes. I also like to dance, everywhere.

  4. Favorite band? ~ Currently I am obsessed with Sleeping At Last, definitely on the top of my playlists when it comes to background music to get work done.

  5. Favorite way to unwind? ~ I'm all for a nice glass of red wine at the end of my days, I'm definitely a wine lover for sure. Grey's Anatomy reruns are also at the top of my list. Thank you Shonda for creating the world's best Thursday lineup.

  6. Food of choice? ~ French fries are hands down my favorite food. I have loved them since I was 2 and if that hasn't changed by now, I don't think it ever will.

  7. Any nicknames? ~ My entire family calls me Bug. It started when I was a baby, I was super tiny and lady bugs were also finding their way into my room and the name just sort of stuck. Fun fact! My childhood nickname inspired the name for my first JNC bag the Bug bag!

  8. Guilty pleasure? ~ I love video games. I'm not very good, and I mainly stick to my classic favorite Kingdom Hearts, but it's something fun I get to do with my Fiancé that we both enjoy.

  9. Favorite vacation spots? ~ I'm a HUGE Disney nerd, so Disney World is always a fan favorite for me. I also love warm weather though so best of both worlds is a Disney Cruise! Best. Vacation. Ever.

  10. Favorite Disney character? ~ It's a little random but I love Figment. It is my all time favorite ride at the parks and he's so fun. However Tinkerbell is a close second.

I hope everyone loves the new blog and is as excited about what is to come as I am. I can't wait to share more with you all and I hope you feel like you know me just a bit better now! See you all next week.

-Jennifer Nicole


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