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What I Wore: My Engagement Photoshoot

Those of you who saw my last post know that a few months ago - I was in Nashville to do some major wedding planning! With that I did my engagement photoshoot and shared some of my favorites with you, but I also promised to tell you what I was wearing!

We were running around quite a bit throughout the weekend, I also wanted to try as many fun Nashville-esk things as possible during our weekend. So after our shoot, we had some free time to wander before our dinner reservation that night Downtown and since I didn't have time to change, I added my favorite leather jacket to change up my outfit some.

{Dress: Eli Tahari, Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Jacket: Jennifer Nicole Collection, Bag: Jennifer Nicole Collection}

When looking for a dress for the shoot, I went into Elie Tahari and had a field day - they had SO many white lace dresses it was insane. I ended up leaving with two (You'll see the other one soon!) and I pulled out one of my favorite pair of heels I've had for years. I'm a huge fan of adding a pop of color to any outfit and bright raspberry pink just screams me, so these were perfect for the engagement shoot without drawing too much attention away from my white dress.

Also here's on of my favorite tips when going from day to night! Adding a leather jacket is the perfect, simple way to make the transition without over powering your outfit. Let me know in the comments below what your favorite transition piece is!

Also because I'm insanely obsessed with not only my dress, but my photoshoot photos - here's another from our photographer! Stay tuned for more wedding posts soon as I'll be laying out some of my planning tips (especially those of you doing so from afar like myself!) and events leading up to our wedding!

See you next week!

-Jennifer Nicole


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