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SNEAK PEEK: The Suki Woven Bag

The Suki Woven bag, coming soon! Behind the scenes first look at our newest product.

This summer we are bursting with excitement that we are expanding our collection. Jennifer Nicole Collection will be adding TWO new designs, the Suki bag and the Suki Woven. Today I wanted to give you all a sneak peek of the our Suki Woven bag!

Our Suki Red is the perfect color to give you a pop a brightness during those Summer months and carry you right into Fall. I wanted to create a bag that could be your best accessory all year round! Not only is the color perfect for every occasion, so is our modern classic design. For those of you that needed some more space for what matters most, this bag is a step up in size from our Bug Bag BUT we kept the same smart interior design that you fell in love with from the start. I designed the interior with you in mind, I wanted to create a bag that didn't turn into a giant "black hole" as I liked to call it. I wanted a space for everything to keep you organized and maximize functionality so that you can carry everything you need! This bag also contains a hand-woven body that is sure to draw some attention your way! I've also added two straps so that your Suki Woven bag can act as a cross-body bag or a shoulder bag, whichever fits your needs.

The Suki Woven bag is coming this summer and I for sure cannot be more ready or excited! Let me know in the comments below what YOU'RE most excited about when it comes to the Suki Woven bag. Also sign up for our newsletter on the homepage and you'll get early access because we only have a LIMITED first run and you don't want to miss out!

See you all next week!

-Jennifer Nicole


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