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The Jaclyn Collection

Yesterday was a HUGE day at Jennifer Nicole Collection and we launched a ton of new products that I am so excited are finally out for sale. (I'm talking we now have 15 products people...15!!) So today I wanted to talk a bit about the Jaclyn collection. We launched a new bag as well as a new jacket - you heard me right! Jennifer Nicole Collection took another HUGE leap and added a gorgeous leather jacket to the mix. So here's everything you need to know about the new items!

This bucket bag may be small but it can hold all you need and more, the interior on this bag is incredibly deceiving and makes it easy to carry around all of you necessities when out and around town.

The leather on the bag and jacket both are laser designed and that combined with the insanely soft calf skin leather that these items are made of, they are the perfect accessory to complete any outfit and I for one cannot wait to practically live in this jacket come Fall!

We specifically wanted a bag and jacket that go together (as well as look amazing separately so be prepared for these items to be your new best friend.) so that you could easily put together a clean, complete look without the hassle of trying to match all of your accessories. Not only that but we wanted to add something with a little flare on it to take you look up a notch while keeping it simple and sleek and I cannot get over how perfectly the laser design captures what we had in mind.

As for the Jaclyn Jacket itself, it's available in three sizes - 44/46/48 (or the equivalent of 2/4/6) and we can absolutely do any custom sizing so just check out the Bespoke page on the store for more information. We also wanted our jacket to stand out and with the 3/4 length sleeve we believe this jacket doest just that! I hope you are loving the new collection pieces as much as we are and happy shopping! See you all next week.

-Jennifer Nicole


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