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A Hand Woven Affair

Recently we released a ton of new products to the Jennifer Nicole Collection shop and although I love them all, I think the Suki Woven and the Gracie have such a huge personality for such small bags. In addition, we've added a NEW hand-woven design, the Jaclyn Woven bucket bag! A large reason these bags stand out is because of their gorgeous hand woven pattern. I love the idea of adding an element with such creative, beautiful and clear hand-made craftsmanship.

Jaclyn Hand Woven Bucket Bag

Gracie Woven Bag

Suki Woven Bag

Our woven bags are created entirely by hand (All of our products are entirely hand-made, although there's something about the idea of hand weaving these bags that blows my mind!) and I have a few behind the scenes photos of a new Suki Woven we are working on for an upcoming collaboration.

Jennifer Nicole Collection offers customization on all of our products and I'm excited to show off just one of the processes that go into the Suki Woven bag, We are working on a custom bag for an upcoming collaboration and my manufacturer sent me these photos of the process. He takes on all of the hand weaving, completing them all himself. I think it's pretty cool that the weaving is all done in a flat lay pattern and gets turned into such a beautiful final product. Throughout this entire process, I've gained such a new respect for hand-made craftsmanship and the quality, dedication and time that goes into making these designs. Not only is heart and sole put into designing new products, but the same goes into the manufacturing process.

I can't wait to show you more on this custom Suki Woven bag so stay tuned in the coming weeks!

-Jennifer Nicole


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