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Small Is the New Big

I'm sure you've seen our homepage showcasing Small Is the New Big, right? If not - go head there now and check it out, don't worry, I can wait, I'll see you back here when you're done!

Now that we all know what I'm talking about, I thought I'd share WHY I love our small bags and why small is absolutely the new big!

Our bags all have a great interior design where there is no wallet needed! We put card slots for you and interior organization so you have room for everything you'd have in you wallet, without the extra bulk, and creating more space for what matters most. Because of that, our bags have so much more room to carry what you need while on the go and is great for the essentials when traveling or running errands or my personal favorite, Disney park hopping.

The Bug bag and Gracie bag in particular are amazing for getting through any type of security because its quick with easy access but these bags really can hold everything you need. It fits perfectly on my hip and is easy to get into without any hassle which I love. These bags were designed to make running around easy so I hope you all love them for that reason as much as I do. I'll be doing an updated "What's In My Bag" blog as well where I showcase what exactly I carry with me in each of my bags too so you all really will be able to see that they hold everything you need. When I say small is the new big, I think these bags hold true because it keeps your life simple, hassle free and who doesn't want that? So why not replace those large totes that hurt your back and shoulders or create a black hole and countless minutes searching through your bag for that lipstick all the way at the bottom for something small, easy and effortlessly stylish? Let me know what you think of your small bags and why you also agree that Small is the new big!

-Jennifer Nicole


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