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What I Wore

Recently I went to North Carolina for a full fledged photoshoot for Jennifer Nicole Collection and we covered so many things that I thought now would be a great time to introduce a new series of What I Wore! Here and there I'll be going over all of the outfits I wore during the photoshoot and a little reasoning behind why I chose them - and don't worry, this series will extend past just photoshoot looks! When I started this blog, outfit posts were a huge part of what I wanted to showcase so that you could get to know my personal style as well as see just how versatile Jennifer Nicole Collection bags are, so I hope you all get that feeling as this series comes along.

{Bag: JNC Gray Bug Bag}

{Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Skirt: Elie Tahari, Top: Madewell, Bag: JNC Jaclyn Bucket bag.}

I'll be focusing on my outfits of this series BUT if you love what our other model is wearing be sure to check out Mel In Chanel to check out her style. For this look I really wanted to show off a fun outfit that I would wear to the office. I have always been a fan of outfits that can seamlessly flow from one place to another and this one I think works for when your off to work but when you're out and about, your outfit doesn't scream office wear! I don't know about all of you but I usually am not a skirt girl.. they always looks so awkward on me but I was shopping at Elie Tahari and thought I'd take a shot and this one is PERFECT! It's the perfect combination of fit and flare that really makes it comfortable and versatile which are two must haves for me. I mentioned a few weeks back about Live Work Play and this outfit definitely had work in mind. Let me know what you think and what your favorite office wear outfits are!

-Jennifer Nicole


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