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Centennial Park

{Shoes: Jimmy Choo, Shorts: Theory, Top: J-Crew, Bag: Jennifer Nicole Collection}

This past weekend I traveled to Nashville, Tennessee to do some upcoming wedding planning! While we were there, although it was insanely hot, theres was a small break in the day when it was absolutely gorgeous out and we had to take advantage. We walked over to Centennial Park over by Vanderbilt, got the best lunch and just enjoyed the gorgeous scenery.

I'll be honest I practically lived in these shorts on our trip! They were so easy to throw on with so many different tops and the bow on the front gives any outfit the perfect flare. They dress up every outfit just enough and they are incredibly comfortable.

We had such a fun weekend and I loved getting to walk around such a big park, and our Jennifer Nicole Collection backpack was perfect for the occasion. I'm so excited that we'll be getting to go back to Nashville multiple times in the next year so I'll be sure to keep you updated on all my travel plans.

-Jennifer Nicole


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