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Casual Jumpsuit

{Jumpsuit: Anthropologie, Bag: Suki Woven, Heels: J-Crew}

This year I've been seriously obsessed with jumpsuits, I searched forever to find the perfect one and I finally found one that I LOVE. Jumpsuits are perfect for a casual lunch date while still looking super feminine especially with the great pair of heels.

I've always been a fan of neutral colors for an outfit with bright color pops and red is my favorite accent color. When I found this suit the suki woven jumped out in my head and I've had these shoes forever and this outfit just seemed meant to be. My favorite part about this jumpsuit is the pant bottoms, the flare makes the outfit stand out a bit and makes any heels you wear pop because the attention is drawn to your legs!

While I'm on the search for the perfect fall jumpsuit let me know below what your favorite jumpsuit is so I can take a look!

-Jennifer Nicole


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