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Taking on Disney

Now that my family lives in Florida, it's pretty easy to imagine that I go there often! Everyone that knows me knows I got a lot and that it is one of my favorite places to go. I'm already counting down the days until I'm there this November for the food and wine festival and my sister's bachelorette party, so I thought I'd share some photos from my last trip earlier this year.

My extended family came from out of town this trip we took in May and we had a great but exhausting few days! My mom, Aunt and I all had our Jennifer Nicole bags in tow as well because park hopping just isn't the same without them! The best thing about them is how easy it is to get through security but it's also nice not have a large, complicated bag to maneuver on and off rides. It also called for a fun photoshoot around the parks which made for a fun trip!

Tell me about your favorite places down below and if you LOVE Disney like I do, tell me your favorite park and ride! I'd love to hear!

-Jennifer Nicole


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