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Fall Favorite

I don't know about all of you but this year fall has been perfect - even a little on the warm side! So usually when I'd be bunkering down in my oversized sweatshirts and layers to cope with the fast dropping weather, I'm still enjoying my flip flops and short sleeves. However when it starts getting darker or on rare days this season when it is starting to get colder, I've taken every opportunity to put on my favorite leather jacket - our Jennifer Nicole Collection Jaclyn Jacket. (Talk about a mouthful right?!)

These were taken back when I was in North Carolina for our massive photoshoot with one of my closest friends, Mel In Chanel. The thing I love most about this jacket is that first off - it has the most beautiful laser pattern to it - but that is also is incredibly light weight and 3/4 sleeved which makes it the perfect fall jacket! I've thrown this on for any occasion whether it be date night or just out to grocery store and I get comments everywhere I go!

3/4 length leather jackets are a huge trend in Italy right now and after wearing this jacket, I'm pretty sure they'll have their moment here in the US as well. Let me know what you think in the comments!

See you all next week!

-Jennifer Nicole


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