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Silk Is Always A Good Idea

Earlier this summer I found what may be my favorite purchase over the last 6 months and you can easily bet that it was one of the first things I pulled when starting to pack for my Florida trip - these Theory silk pants. Theory is already one of my all time favorite stores and when I came across this pair of pants I just couldn't resist taking them home! Whether it's a dressy night out or going for more of a casual look, the thing I love most is how versatile and comfortable they are, which means that I put them on anytime I get the chance!

My favorite thing is to throw them on with a great pair of sandals and a simple tank (my go to is a plain black tank from Madewell because oh my goodness they are just the best! But the top I'm wearing above is a great T from Ralph Lauren!) that way it keeps my look casual but a little hip which is perfect when going out and about! I use to own a pair of silk 3/4 length shorts that were similar to this color that had a sort of army look to them and let me tell you I used to be obsessed - so when I found these it was like a time warp because they reminded me of a chic version of those old shorts and it's no surprise I'm just as obsessed with these. I'll be sharing more photos when I get back from Florida so keep an eye out for that!

See you all next week!

-Jennifer Nicole


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