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When in Disney World

{Shoes: Rainbows, Romper: Anthropologie, Purse: Jennifer Nicole by Unica Exotic leather, Sunglasses: Target}

As a lot of you know, last week I was in Florida visiting family and celebrating my sister's Bachelorette party! So here begins the series of outfits I wore while around Disney World and some of my favorite outfit choices. In the photo above you'll noticed I borrowed the bag my mom was carrying so I could feature two bags we have to offer on our Jennifer Nicole store.

The bag my mom was carrying was one of our new color options for our Unica exotic leather bags! I'm so excited we've gotten to add a few new colors that are perfect for fall and she can tell you first hand how gorgeous this python bag really is. As for my bag - I was carrying our black Jaclyn bucket bag because it is amazing when it comes to carrying a lot of stuff in a small bag.

The weather this week was absolutely perfect which made me incredibly happy since I know all of you in the north are with me when I say I am dreading the cold weather that is starting to creep up on us. So I was happy I could throw on this cute romper I got from Anthropologie and was comfortable to wear it around all day and all night. As for my shoes, rainbows are my go to park shoe, I love the arch support they give and as someone who pretty much is always barefoot when given the chance, I love having my feet feel free and comfortable!

I can't wait to show you more of my outfits from this past week so I'll see you all next week! (and keep your fingers crossed because I may be able to announce something AWESOME in next weeks blog!)

-Jennifer Nicole


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