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The Last Good Day of Fall

{Boots: ASH, Leggings: Style Mint, Sweater: Tori Burch, Bag: Jennifer Nicole Collection}

I've been a huge fan of Angry Orchard's hard apple cider for years now (I first discovered them when I was back in college and it is easily one of my favorite drinks!) and just recently I discovered that their orchard where the cider is made is literally 20 minutes from my apartment. Don't ask me how it took me over a year to discover this gem, because I honestly have no clue, but it did. So since I found out just how close the orchard was it goes without saying that I was absolutely dying to go.

This past weekend my fiancé and I decided to finally go and let me tell you it was gorgeous! The weather was perfect, sun was shining and it was such a great atmosphere of cider tasting, food truck lunches, live music and a gorgeous view of the orchard. Needless to say it was pretty great timing as well since I promptly woke up the next morning to snow on the ground.... so it seemed fitting to dedicate this post to the last good day of Fall.

When I think of apple cider, I immediately think of fall days just like this and not only is it the perfect way to celebrate the holiday today by looking at this past weekend and celebrating my favorite season, it was the perfect way to say goodbye to fall until next year!

Happy Thanksgiving everyone! See you next week,

-Jennifer Nicole


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