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Christmas Is Coming!

Last week I kicked off December with the start of our Christmas decorating and this week I thought I'd delve a little deeper into our Winter Wonderland!

I travel and move around a lot with my fiancé, and because of that we rarely get a chance to decorate our our little apartment for Christmas. So believe me when I say I'm beyond excited to spend a little time at home in Florida and get to soak up all of amazing decorations my mom puts up each year!

We split our time during the holidays between our two families so we never decorate our apartment because we are never around during Christmas but you can bet that once we have our house and after a few years, I'll be decorating up a storm every year and taking some great tips from my mom and the Winter Wonderland I grew up in!

Let me know what your favorite holiday decorations are below and I'll see you next week when I talk about my favorite part of Christmas decorating - our Christmas Tree!!

-Jennifer Nicole


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