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The Perfect Christmas Tree

Next week I start my country-wide Christmas tour. (Okay I kid, I kid - but I will be traveling to Florida for Christmas with my family and then on to Ohio to celebrate with my fiancé's family so it definitely feels like it!) Growing up one of my favorite holiday memories is decorating the tree with my Mom while watching The Holiday, because who doesn't love that movie?! So believe me when I say I'm incredibly excited to go home for the holidays and although I missed the decorating this year, I'll at least get to bask in its glory for an entire week!

If you me, the bigger tree, the better and my family never fails at getting the perfect tree completely with every girl's dream of perfectly wrapped presents from loved ones below! (Bonus points if you spot my favorite gifts below the tree!!)

So here's to getting to spend Christmas with family this season and here's to the perfect Christmas tree!

And I'm incredibly excited I'll be in the south AND the north this holiday season because I get to experience that classic snow filled Christmas and then of course - there's this:

Which pretty accurately describes a Florida Christmas!

Best of both world's and I couldn't love it more! See you all next week!

-Jennifer Nicole


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