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New Year New Trend

Happy New Year! I hope everyone had an amazing Holiday season and are looking forward to this year as much as I am. The last couple of weeks I've been looking back on this past year and seeing how much we've grown and everything that was accomplished and with the new year came a fresh new outlook on how to move forward and really grow in every aspect of Jennifer Nicole Collection!

Looking forward to 2017, I've noticed a huge trend that is going to explode this year - small bags!

Everyone from YSL to Hermes to Fendi are featuring small bags this year and I just know they are going to be huge. As we've said since the beginning - Small is the new big and that is showing to be true this year more than ever!

Our focus has always been on small, functional bags that help you live your life to the fullest without being dragged down and I for one cannot wait to see what this year brings! So head over to our shop because this is one trend you do NOT want to miss out on and we've got the perfect bag for you to start the new year off right!

See you all next week!

-Jennifer Nicole


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