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Woodland Winter

{Shoes: Teiks, Jeans: Joe's, Top: Lauren Conrad for Khols, Bag: Unica for Jennifer Nicole Collection}

I've never been much of an outdoors person, woods and wilderness aren't exactly my thing but lucky for me we live right near the mountains essentially and have a ton of wooded area near my apartment. As I was looking out my window I was getting some serious Snow White vibes from my back yard and I couldn't resist pulling out this sweater!

To me, I'm always reminded of the forest from Snow White and the Evil Queen and Snow's connection to woodland creatures. So I decided to embrace that for the day and pulled out this awesome sweater to add a little woodland beauty to the cold winter months. I love the beaded details and I can let out my Disney side a little without screaming DISNEY at everyone I walk by! It's also insanely comfortable which makes for my favorite kind of winter outfit, perfect for those rare days when it isn't so cold you want to hide away at home and never leave.

Honestly, this is a pretty classic outfit choice for me on my casual days so it was nice to share with all of you a little bit of what I love to just throw on and go out in. I'm all for keeping it simple and this outfit has definitely worked it's way into my winter wardrobe and I'm loving it! Let me know what your favorite winter outfits are?

See you all next week!

-Jennifer Nicole

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