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Winter Shearling

I was out shopping this past weekend for a little date night/wedding shoe shopping and let me tell you, winter in NY is COLD! As you can tell from my hair, it was pretty windy so thank god for my favorite shearling coat. It has been a total life saver this year and one of my favorite coats for the winter time.

As you can see, I'm wearing my Tori Burch sweater I wore to the orchard a few weeks ago and it went so well with my coat and boots that I've been loving lately. I got these boots back when I was in high school and they have never failed me when I need something simple that completes my outfit.

As for the wedding shoes - you'll just have to check back later for when I start posting more about my upcoming wedding this September and all the in's and out's of planning and what I'm wearing! So until then just enjoy my date night outfits and check out the new Gracie bag I've been breaking in the last few weeks!

-Jennifer Nicole


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