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Maui Pt. 2: Whale Watching

Aloha! Welcome back to my Maui blog series!

In March, as I'm sure you all know by now, I was in Hawaii for a bit doing some awesome things with family and for Jennifer Nicole Collection and long story short (a 16 hour car ride, 12+ hours on a plane all within 2 1/2 days and I was finally there!) it was an uphill battle getting to Hawaii but once I was there it was like living in paradise. On our first full day in Maui we took a day trip to Lahaina for a whale watching boat trip.

This was our first day in Hawaii and it was great to meet up with my sister along with my Aunt, Uncle and cousin for a morning out on the water with some incredible views and a few friends that showed up to say hello! (We had GREAT views of the whales and they were popping up all over the place around the boat.)

With whales breaching on all sides of the boat, there were some great photo ops and it was such a beautiful morning to learn about the whales, how they migrate from Alaska to Hawaii. We also learned about the Pacific Whale Foundation and how they are helping these whales that are migrating to Hawaii to keep them safe from predators. (If you want more info click on the link to take you to the Pacific Whale Foundations website!)

To say that it was a great experience to kick off our trip was an understatement as it really showed what Hawaii had to offer and was such a relaxing and calming way to begin our trip.

See you all next week for part 3 of my Maui blog series! Happy Thursday!

-Jennifer Nicole

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Larry V
Larry V
Sep 26, 2022

Thanks for the poost

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