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New Season New Classics (Maui Pt. 4)

Jennifer Nicole Collection Nora Blush Mini Backpack

Happy May! Is it just me or has this year FLOWN by?! I feel like it was just January and we were ringing in 2017 and now we are almost half way through the year. Now since its almost summertime I thought it would be great time to celebrate our NEW bags!

We have two brand new products now available on our online store and I could not be more excited about them!

Some of you that follow us on instagram I'm sure have seen both models already but we haven't spilled the beans yet on how amazing they are and all of the great things about them. We took both of our new models to Hawaii to take some awesome product shots as part of our New Season, New Classics campaign and I don't think I'm the only one that feels like it turned out perfect.

Both of our bags (the Nora Blush mini backpack and our Large Gracie) have hand woven features to them really adding the the design of the bags and making their color and design pop. Starting with our large Gracie, we feature everything you love our our original Gracie but with a little more space so that you can really carry everything you need with you. We've kept our sterling silver hardware and woven design but changed up our dynamic blue colors to really give it the feel of a whole new bag!

Our second new product is our Nora mini backpack! We've featured larger backpacks on our site before but this new backpack really is the perfect companion for your summer antics. Mini backpacks are the new trend for the summer and with the beautiful blush pink tone it is a great addition to any outfit that will fit everything you need to grab and go throughout the summer months.We've added plenty of pockets (1 front zip, 1 back zip plus a zip pocket and open pockets on the inside) to keep all of your "what matters most" items at easy access and organized!

Let me know in the comments below which of our new designs are your favorite and be sure to head over to the shop to get your newest summer accessory!

-Jennifer Nicole


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